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OrangeWebBlend is a premium website solution priced at $1,278.33 per month. It offers custom communication tools, automation, and templates for administrative and sales campaigns. The package allows for two concurrent development requests and up to five more, ensuring a seamless flow of production. It includes a 120-hour initial upload, final delivery in 35 days, a sleek logo, and a custom domain with hosting and SSL encryption. Additional features include new web pages, payment providers, ClickFunnel Sales Page and Form Builder App, CRM software integrations, social media integration, 100GB storage, video hosting, backup and restore functionalities, Google Analytics integration, and the Site Booster App. 


OrangeWebBlend goes beyond websites, offering social media pages with 500 likes and constant reviews for development. Elevate your online presence with an assigned E-Projects member, integral to your operation, providing ongoing business development support for a comprehensive and dynamic digital experience.

Price Options
$1,178.33every month for 12 months
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